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Books & Publications (Magriel, Robertie, Corbett, Kleinman, Woolsey)
Computer Software ( JellyFish, Snowie 4.7, BGBlitz, Sconyers DVDs)
Equipment (backgammon boards, precision dice, cups, cubes, checkers)
Miscellaneous ( pillows, position cards, shirts, scoreboards, match pads)


Alpha Backgammon, by Baron Vernon Ball, hardcover, free shipping $15
Backgammon, by Paul Magriel, softcover reprint, ©2004, by Clock & Rose Press, with 10 new biography pages $40
Backgammon, by Paul Magriel, hardcover ©2004, 10 new biography pages $60
Backgammon, by Paul Magriel, hardcover in German ©2013, with rollouts $85*
Backgammon: An Independent View, by Chris Bray, 2015 revised edition $24*
Backgammon as Played in Hollywood with Instructions for Winning, by Oh Tee, 2015 hardcover of 1930 edition $45
Backgammon Book for Gabriel, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 edition $25
Backgammon Boot Camp, by Walter Trice, revised edition, 2016 $40
Backgammon Chronicles, A Pro's Adventures on Tour, vols. 1-2, by Bob Wachtel, 2019 $40/$80
Backgammon Cube Action 1000, vols. 1-3, by Ryuichi Shiina, 2013 $38/$110
Backgammon: Cube Like a Boss, by Marc Brockmann Olsen, 2019 $50*
Backgammon Encyclopedia, vol. 2: More Cube Reference Positions, by Kit Woolsey, 2017 $30
Backgammon for Dummies, by Chris Bray, 2008 $13
Backgammon for Losers, by Simon Hill, 2015, 2nd edition $9
Backgammon for Serious Players, by Bill Robertie, 2006 $17
Backgammon for Winners, by Bill Robertie, 2002 edition $13
Backgammon: From Basics to Badass, Marc Brockmann Olsen, 2015 (out of stock) $30*
Backgammon Funfair, by Raymond Kershaw, 2018, 3rd edition $35
Backgammon in Blue Genes, by Gnarly Prime, 2014 $15
Backgammon in the Wind, by Chris Bray, 2016 $35*
Backgammon: Master Versus Amateur, by Kit Woolsey, 2000 $20
Backgammon Openings, Book A, by Nack Ballard & Paul Weaver, 2007 $45*
Backgammon Problems, by Mike Corbett, 2007 $20
Backgammon -- Pure Strategy, by Marc Brockmann Olsen, 2017; Sale price $40
Backgammon -- The Final Wind, by Chris Bray, 2021 $35*
Backgammon to Win, by Chris Bray, 2012 $20
Boards, Blots and Double Shots, by Norm Wiggins, 2001 $35
...But Only the Hogs Win Backgammons, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 edition $30
Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good? by Jake Jacobs & Walter Trice $30
Chouette and More... Backgammon Sci-fi Soap Opera, CD by Mary Hickey $30
Classic Backgammon Revisited, by Jeremy Bagai, 2005 $40*
Color Me Backgammon: A Playfully Serious Backgammon Coloring Book, produced by Phyllis Shapiro, 2020 $20*
Conquering Backgammon: The Path to Advanced Play, by Ed Rosenblum, 2019, 2nd edition $45
Cubes and Gammons Near the End of the Match, by Ortega & Kleinman, XG edition, 2015 (out of print & out of stock) $00*
Dice Conquer All, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 edition $30
Dice, Cubes & Gentlemen: History & Play... at the Union Club & Elsewhere, by M. David Sherrill, 2018, hardcover, 255 pages $150*
Double Sixes From the Bar, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 $25
Endgame Technique, by Michihito Kageyama & Roland Herrera, 2019 $50
Experts' Guide to Winning Backgammon, Version 4, by Ed Rosenblum, 2020 $15*
52 Great Backgammon Tips, by Patti Beadles & Kit Woolsey, 2007 $14
501 Essential Backgammon Problems, by Bill Robertie, 2017 edition revised with help from XG; Sale price $20
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Four-Point! by Jake Jacobs (out of stock) $36*
Gambling Wizards, Conversations With the World's Greatest Gamblers, by Richard Munchkin $16
Gin Rummy: A Predator's Guide, by Michael Sall $200
Harrington on Hold'em, vol. II, by Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie $25
Harrington on Hold'em, vol. III, by Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie $25
Harrington on Modern Tournament Poker, by Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie, 2014 $30
Harrington on Online Cash Games, by Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie $20*
How Can I Keep From Dancing?, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 ed. $25
How Little We Know About Backgammon, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 ed. $25
How to Play the Opening in Backgammon, Part 1: A New Way of Thinking, by Bill Robertie, 2019 $45*
How to Play the Opening in Backgammon, Part 2: Everything Matters, by Bill Robertie, 2021 $45*
How to Play Tournament Backgammon, by Kit Woolsey, 2000 $20
Improve Your Backgammon, Paul Lamford & Simon Gasquoine, 2003 $15
Improve Your Poker, by Bob Ciaffone $20
In the Game Until the End: ...Ace-Point Endgames, by Bob Wachtel, Vol. I, 2000; Vol. II, 2014 $25/$30
Inside Backgammon, by Robertie & Goulding, 1992-1994, 6 issues per year (out of stock / out of print) $00*
Is There Life After Backgammon? by Danny Kleinman, 2007 edition $25
Language of Backgammon: A Player's Dictionary, by Bob Wachtel, 2020 $20*
Learning From the Machine: Robertie vs TD-Gammon, by Bill Robertie $20
Long Road to Gammon, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 edition $25
MatchQiz Book: Greiner vs Phillip Marmorstein, by Kit Woolsey $25
MatchQiz Book: Hal Heinrich vs. Mika Lidov, by Kit Woolsey $25
MatchQiz Book: Joe Sylvester vs. Nack Ballard, by Kit Woolsey $20
Meanwhile, Back at the Chouette, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 edition $25
Middle Limit Holdem Poker, by Bob Ciaffone & Jim Brier $25
Modern Backgammon, by Robertie, 2001 (out of stock / out of print) $00*
New Ideas in Backgammon, by Hal Heinrich & Kit Woolsey, 1996 (out of stock / out of print) $00*
No Limit Holdem Poker, by Bob Ciaffone, 2012 $25
Omaha Poker, by Bob Ciaffone, 2006 expanded edition $16
Opening Concepts, by Michihito Kageyama & Roland Herrera, 2018 $48
Other Side of Midnight, Danny Kleinman, 2007 edition $25
Playing Doublets: Backgammon Puzzles to Improve Your Checker Play, by Ongun & Güray Alsaç, 2014, 3rd edition, with match scores $12
Poker With Friends' Minds, by Mike Corbett, 2019 $8
Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker, by Stewart Reuben & Bob Ciaffone $25
Second Wind, by Chris Bray, 2009 $35*
Secrets of Mental Math, by Art Benjamin $15*
Starting Out in Backgammon, by Paul Lamford, 2004 printing $14
Understanding Backgammon, by Tami Jones & Kit Woolsey, 2003 $35
Vision Laughs at Counting & Advice to the Dicelorn, by Danny Kleinman, 2009 edition $50*
What Colour is the Wind? by Chris Bray, 2015 revised edition $35*
What's Your Game Plan? Strategy in the Middle Game, by Mary Hickey & Marty Storer, 2011 $45
Wind Assisted, by Chris Bray, 2010 $32
Wind of Change, by Chris Bray, 2013 $32
Wonderful World of Backgammon, by Danny Kleinman, 2007 edition $25


Backgammon Times newspaper on CD, 1981-1984 $30
Bearoff 15x15 & Backgames, set of 12 DVDs by Hugh Sconyers, includes HyperGammon $60
BGBlitz 2.9.0, neural net program for Mac, PC or Linux, by Frank Berger $23/$46
Chouette and More... Backgammon Sci-fi Soap Opera, CD by Mary Hickey $30
eXtremegammon, program by GameSite 2000, download (20% discount to USBGF members = $48) $60


Board: Aries black leather, 21", metal cube, upgraded model of classic board, translucent 1.75" checkers $700
Board: BAK textured leatherette case, 20", brass cube, carrying bag $320
Board: Brazilian velour or wool felt & leatherette, several colors, precision dice, with fitted, zippered cover, 1.75" or 2" checkers $600/725*
Board: Wycliffe, matte or croco case, several interior colors, quiet V-fiber surface, indented checkers, 21" $240
Board: Wycliffe Prestige matte case, several interior colors, quiet V-fiber surface, metal-rimmed checkers, 23" $360
Board: Black vinyl case, inlaid velvet interior, 1.4" or 1.535" checkers, 18.5" or 21" case, from Germany $125
Board: P-40, customizable, surface inlay options, metal-ringed 1.75" checkers, dice storage cube, precision dice $995
Board bags: Solid colors, water-resistant, quilted lining, shoulder strap, side pocket, black, rust brown, red... $170
Checkers: Crisloid marbelized, 8 colors, 1.25", 1.5", 1.75" or 2", set of 30 $20-$70
Checkers: Solid Crisloid red & white, 1.5", set of 30 $35
Cork playing field inserts for 1.5" or 1.75" checkers, red, blue, black, green or brown points $50
Dice: Precision, 1/2" or 5/8" sizes, transparent or black & white opaque, 11 colors $14/pair*
Dice: Precision, 9/16" size only, transparent or black & white opaque, 10 colors $19/pair*
Dice: Precision, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" black opaque w/orange or pink dots, white opaque w/red, green, blue or pink dots, new sapphire blue or green transparent w/pink dots $17-$24 / pair*
Dice: Precision, 9/16", serial numbers, transparent colors or black & white opaque $17/pair
Dice cups: Leather: black, brown, or red ovals, set of 2 $40
Dice cups: Leather: round, ribbed, black or rust, set of 2 $50
Dice cups: Multi-trip, ultra-modern, cushioned with rubber, gold & silver trim, by Sonné, round, set of 2 $90
Dice cups: Wood, made by Vinton Knarr, round, 2", 2-1/8" or 2-1/4" diameter, maple, walnut, padauk $70*
Dice pouches: Cotton, rayon or silk drawstring bags, medium or large $4-$10
Doubling cubes: engraved, marbelized, opaque, lucite, wood, some octahedrons $1-$20


Bafflebox from KatGammon, Gold, Silver, Black, Clear, with storage pouch, metal stand $60*
Bafflebox P-40 Dice Scramblers, with fabric sleeve $60
Clocks: ZMF-II digital clock, red, green, blue, black, pink $48
Dice bead jewelry: earrings, pins, bracelets $5/$10
Dice box by KatGammon, magnetic lid, holds 4 dice, small cube $15*
Face masks, backgammon fabric design, with ear loops, by Sandy Sisti $10*
Match-recording pads, 8.5"x11", with diagrams, 50 two-sided pages per pad $5
Playing cards, high-quality plastic, 2 decks in plastic case, 4-color suits $8
Position cards, 2"x 3.5" pack of 100 printed cards, or 100 3"x 5" cards $4/$5
Scoreboards, deluxe, from Finland, black or royal blue $35*
Scoreboards, from Brazil, with pouch, black, red or blue $55
Sonné silver backgammon board pendant on silver chain $40
Stickers, 2x9": "I Love Backgammon," white letters, hot pink heart, on black vinyl sticker $1 for 2
Shirts: Polo style with collar, "I Love Backgammon", "I Hate Backgammon", or "I Love To Hate Backgammon" $35
T-shirts: "I Love Backgammon", "Creative Backgammon" $12/16

*Updated: July 19, 2021

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Shipping & handling estimates (USA): $5 for small orders of dice or cubes;
$8 for Priority Mail; approx. $30 for a backgammon board.

Credit cards accepted only through (including international residents).
Please send checks or international money orders made payable to:

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